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  1. identyfikator tx ee78776868...12072
    epoka 452
    Dedicate ASCENDANT to the intimates.
  2. identyfikator tx 4449fb14d8...3a679
    epoka 451
    Crashr is revolutionizing web3 commerce and redefining what it means to be a marketplace. Browse 3000+ Collections, and utilize our innovative NFT trading tools. Join the ISPO now and let’s build.
  3. identyfikator tx 7f96bfaca3...0ffc8
    epoka 450
  4. identyfikator tx 27b530a2a7...b1aa7
    epoka 450
    The $METERA ISPO spans 42 epochs, distributing 90M tokens (9% of supply) via SSPOs. Metera's pool has a 99% fee, rewarding 0.0167 $METERA/ADA/epoch. Bonuses for long-term, large stakes, and Metera NFT staking. Post-ISPO, tokens vest over 6 months.
  5. identyfikator tx 135b49f342...c74cd
    epoka 451
    Official Platypus Cyberpunks Stake Pool
  6. identyfikator tx ecd3af1491...d16d0
    epoka 449
    We provide you with a worry-free staking experience.
  7. identyfikator tx 2c62bde155...23189
    epoka 448
  8. identyfikator tx 7aa0378ade...9a310
    epoka 448
    Simba Pool is a Cardano stake pool providing high uptime and security, dedicated to empowering the community with educational resources on blockchain and Web3.
  9. identyfikator tx 99ef4e9891...a3f94
    epoka 448
    Get the latest news, updates, and information about Cardano and the ecosystem
  10. identyfikator tx 18ea1ce7a6...a78ad
    epoka 452
    Life is a waste of time and time is a waste of life so why not get wasted all the time and have the time of your life!
  11. identyfikator tx cfcbbdb141...15bde
    epoka 448
    CETF Pool is the StakePool for the CETF Hybrid DAO
  12. identyfikator tx 802f71ab78...49fc9
    epoka 447 10.11.2023
    My pool description
  13. identyfikator tx 85d60d81af...a18c1
    epoka 446 5.11.2023
    In celebration of John Von Neumann.
  14. identyfikator tx 31dc8ce98d...7494c
    epoka 452
    Bare metal server, helping Cardano to decentralize more, powered with renewable energy
  15. identyfikator tx a68d70330d...94ee3
    epoka 445 31.10.2023
    Delegating to Reputano ISPO will reward you with REPUT tokens
  16. identyfikator tx 04ab9fbf43...9c616
    epoka 448 12.11.2023
    Welcome to IndieStakeHub, your gateway to the world of decentralized Cardano staking. At IndieStakeHub, we believe in providing a truly decentralized and cost-effective staking experience.
  17. identyfikator tx a9a04459dc...33773
    epoka 444 27.10.2023
    Stake reliably in Hungary
  18. identyfikator tx 1ba1b823de...526e3
    epoka 448
    Cardano Stake Pool
  19. identyfikator tx b2b29b6913...eb322
    epoka 451
    Let's nodes together
  20. identyfikator tx 044d5d305a...cf341
    epoka 444 24.10.2023
    Official Stakepool #1 of TradingTools.Software
  21. identyfikator tx efb779569f...d2e2c
    epoka 444 23.10.2023
    PoolBoost - your gateway pool in the Cardano ecosystem. Our main aim is to bolster the network's decentralization by supporting Single Pool Operators (SPO). Help mission-driven pools achieve their goals and ensure the sustained growth and decentralization
  22. identyfikator tx 902aaa88e7...73592
    epoka 444 23.10.2023
    Contributing to the decentralization of Cardano 365 days a year
  23. identyfikator tx e10cf22d08...07617
    epoka 445 28.10.2023
    MAKE offers the lowest Fixed Fee at just 170 ADA, ensuring greater rewards for delegators, and ongoing returns.
  24. identyfikator tx e5e1773b34...bad79
    epoka 448 14.11.2023
    Single Pool Operation to further decentralize Cardano
  25. identyfikator tx 9cb1c6fd52...0a810
    epoka 449
    Liqwid's private stake pool.
  26. identyfikator tx be85ee7797...976d4
    epoka 446 4.11.2023
    The only goal we have is to buy more servers and run more nodes. All pool fees go directly to the running servers and funding more relays.
  27. identyfikator tx 39fafc73ae...4fb00
    epoka 446 2.11.2023
  28. identyfikator tx 2638bd6b55...df904
    epoka 443 20.10.2023
    A Cardano staking pool operated by WavePool for BitPoint.
  29. identyfikator tx 435b155a09...64ddc
    epoka 441 10.10.2023
  30. identyfikator tx e3be376bb3...e5d45
    epoka 440 6.10.2023
    The second Astarter official staking pool
  31. identyfikator tx a56e2a05e7...f6880
    epoka 446 6.11.2023
    Private Stake Pool
  32. identyfikator tx 047f28e417...7349c
    epoka 438 26.9.2023
    Experience the evolution of Cardano with Evolution Staking - EVO - Your trusted and reliable stake pool for your ADA rewards.
  33. identyfikator tx e61c5a1596...c2dc9
    epoka 445 29.10.2023
    『芦屋から世界へ』子供達への芸術文化の育成をテーマにしたプールです。皆様の委任よろしくお願い致します。Only SPO in Ashiya, Japan. We support kids to learn and expand their talent in Performing Arts
  34. identyfikator tx ec371365b6...4df4e
    epoka 445 28.10.2023
    Raising the tide with 0% fees. Single pool operator promoting decentralization with U.S. based bare metal servers.
  35. identyfikator tx 3dc332e7f6...47c75
    epoka 437 21.9.2023
    All your booty are belong to us!
  36. identyfikator tx 6cdd8b6e78...8969f
    epoka 437 20.9.2023
    CNFT Tools Cardano Stake Pool. Helping Cardano's future!
  37. identyfikator tx 906b4bd1c1...955c6
    epoka 436 17.9.2023
    This pool managed by a Cardano and Artificial Intelligence Enthusiast pool manager.
  38. identyfikator tx 5466c0cb64...823cb
    epoka 435 12.9.2023
    RETIRED [GROK] grok
    grokism pool
  39. identyfikator tx 62902d6177...88ebc
    epoka 448 13.11.2023
    You have coffee, we brew ADA! We offer you a relaxing high-quality staking experience. 暗号通貨業界で取材経験豊富なコーヒー好き編集者が、最高品質のステーキングとカルダノの最新情報を提供します。
  40. identyfikator tx 77e208bfcb...9765e
    epoka 434 7.9.2023
    True believers that a better World is possible
  41. identyfikator tx be4cc6e3e1...5599f
    epoka 448 12.11.2023
    We are a company that will offer various services in the blockchain field, with the utmost transparency and professionalism possible. We stand out for our high level of technical expertise and convey it in the products we develop for our clients.
  42. identyfikator tx 7707051383...0351c
    epoka 442 15.10.2023
    The fire has started
  43. identyfikator tx 2114e1b22f...246c0
    epoka 434 6.9.2023
  44. identyfikator tx da6ff12ab4...69dda
    epoka 450
    Robot helps you earn passive income, leaving you time for what matters most →
  45. identyfikator tx 087888b83d...2b74c
    epoka 434 3.9.2023
    The Premier Meme Coin on Cardano with the objective of causing fun filled chaos in multiple dimensions.
  46. identyfikator tx ecc02d9209...87f48
    epoka 433 1.9.2023
    Antitrust Pool Solo Operator
  47. identyfikator tx 0da8743229...eb1c1
    epoka 441 11.10.2023
    Socious aims to ‘give everyone the chance to make a difference’. By staking ADA via Socious StakePool, you support Cardano’s decentralized world and fund social/environmental projects through Socious Giving, our crowdfunding platform.
  48. identyfikator tx ed5476ff54...b2194
    epoka 441 12.10.2023
    zoomout pool
  49. identyfikator tx 6ab449acf6...53988
    epoka 447 11.11.2023
    Our Mission is to provide comprehensive on-chain metrics for Cardano, giving you the information you need to make informed decisions about your investments.
  50. identyfikator tx c3b63cd1af...fb74c
    epoka 451
    New to staking? RUMOR is your beginner-friendly gateway to Cardano rewards run by MladenLm. Dive into passive income via seamless & profitable staking with us while securing the network!